The Minute Sign Store

      As a 30+ year veteran of the sign industry, over many years, I developed and tested this revolutionary DIY sign called MinuteSign. I conceived of the idea, one weekend while doing a side job. I was trying to come up with a way to secure my freshly painted 4'x8' plywood sign to the roof of my car, along with the 10' long wood posts, and 80 lb. bags of concrete.

      My original thought was, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to fit this entire 4'x8' sign into the trunk of my car?" Then I thought, "Well, even if that were possible, then, why would anyone call me to install their sign? After thinking for a minute, I estimated they probably would, because most people would not want to carry the heavy bags of dirty concrete, and dig muddy post holes. Not only that, you also have to have a myriad expensive professional tools to complete the the job.

      Over the next few weeks as I continued to ponder any way of getting a 4'x8' sign into the trunk of my car, I began to explore the possibilities of also being able to erect the sign without the laborious task digging those nasty post holes. Soon thereafter, my mind began to go wild with all sorts of possible scenarios for making my new dream come true. But, even if all this were possible, it would ultimately eliminate the job I was being paid to do. I would actually be putting myself out of business!

      Then, weeks later, the realization came, it actually would be a fantastic opportunity for me if I was the inventor, and I made and sold the system. So, over the course of several years I put my mind and money to the task of developing a reasonable and practical way for any person to install an "in-ground" 4'x8' billboard sign, by themself, in less than 10 minutes! The best part is the MinuteSign has flexible posts that allows it to "always stay straight and always look great". The one and only original MinuteSign was born!

Watch its amazing performance!


Happy Signage,
Scott Sondergaard
Owner & Inventor

Its Pure Genius!

MinuteSign looks and performs like an expensive plywood, aluminum, or choroplast panel sign installed by a professional sign company. But, it's really an affordable banner frame sign that you install yourself in less that 10 minutes! It ships UPS, easily fits in your car, comes in 9 sizes, 5 models, is reusable, and always stays straight and always looks great! Don't forget, its also height adjustable, and can be leveled on sloped terrain. The faces can be changed as often as you see fit. What more could you ask for?